Global Evidence Ecosystem for Oral Health (GEEOH)

In 2010, Cochrane Oral Health established a Global Alliance (GA) of funding partners to support sustainable evidence synthesis production. GA partners represent clinicians across a broad spectrum of dental specialities who require access to the best available evidence for delivering the highest standards of clinical care and achieving patient-important outcomes.

A conceptual framework for dynamic healthcare evidence ecosystems was initially developed in 2013 by MAGIC, an international group of collaborating researchers. Cochrane Oral Health further developed MAGIC's ecosystem concept for application specifically in oral health in 2018, enabled by its GA partner support and ongoing broad collaborations with MAGIC and other key groups.

The Global Evidence Ecosystem for Oral Health (GEEOH) is a joint vision to create co-ordinated efficient responses for incorporating new evidence by expanding our engagement to include other oral health evidence synthesisers and guideline development groups. Establishing the GEEOH broadens GA partners’ contributions from focusing upon sustainable evidence production towards a transformational model of evidence development

The GEEOH collectively aims to produce trustworthy evidence that is globally adaptable to our end-users' needs, by coordinating common methodological standards, using digitally-structured data platforms and establishing a culture of sharing and innovationThe GEEOH offers an exemplary opportunity to reduce research waste, avoid duplication of effort, and close the loop between new evidence and improved care by involving international organisations with responsibility and contributions at different stages of the ecosystem.

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Evidence ecosystem conceptually developed by  MAGIC , and adapted for oral health