Co-ordinating Editors: Professor Anne-Marie Glenny and Professor Jan Clarkson

Anne-Marie Glenny is Professor of Health Sciences Research at the University of Manchester in the UK. She was formerly Head of Division at the University of Manchester Division of Dentistry. Anne-Marie has worked in the field of evidence-based practice since 1993, and has experience of a broad range of systematic reviews. She has been an editor with Cochrane Oral Health since 2000, and took on the role of Joint Co-ordinating Editor in 2020, after three years as Deputy.

Jan Clarkson is the Director of the Effective Dental Practice Programme at the University of Dundee in the UK. She is a founding member of Cochrane Oral Health and the joint Co-ordinating Editor. Jan is currently Director of the Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme and the Scottish Dental Practice-Based Research Network. She has worked in health services research throughout her career, with a focus on issues relevant to primary care.  

Deputy Co-ordinating Editor: Dr. Philip Riley

Philip Riley is a Research Fellow at the University of Manchester in the UK. Phil joined Cochrane Oral Health in 2006, and completed a Masters in Public Health and a PhD on the oral side effects of cancer treatment during his time with the Group. Phil is an author on several of our high profile reviews, and has recently completed a Health Technology Assessment on oral splints and temporomandibular joint disorders. Phil took over as Deputy Co-ordinating Editor in 2020. 

Senior Statistical Editor: Professor Tanya Walsh

Tanya Walsh is Professor of Healthcare Evaluation at the University of Manchester. She has been an editor with Cochrane Oral Health since 2010, with a special interest in the use of complex methods for evidence synthesis. She has recently completed an NIHR funded Systematic Reviews Programme Grant on methods to detect and inform the diagnosis of dental caries.  

Managing Editors: Luisa Fernandez-Mauleffinch and Laura MacDonald

Luisa Fernandez-Mauleffinch is one of the group's two managing editors. Luisa has been with Cochrane Oral Health since May 2002, first as Assistant Managing Editor, and has worked as Managing Editor since 2006. She is an accredited Cochrane copy editor. Luisa also acts as a translator for Spanish language publications.

Laura MacDonald joined Cochrane Oral Health as Managing Editor in 2014. Together with Luisa, she is responsible for managing the editorial processes for systematic review preparation and publication. Luisa and Laura provide specialised editorial support for review authors, manage the process of peer review and submit reviews and protocols to the Cochrane Library's publisher.

Information Specialist: Anne Littlewood

Anne Littlewood has been with Cochrane Oral Health as Information Specialist since 2008. Anne manages the group's register of clinical trials, and provides a search service for our author teams. She is also responsible for the group's marketing and social media content.

Emeritus Co-ordinating Editor: Professor Helen Worthington

Helen Worthington was Co-ordinating Editor with Cochrane Oral Health for 24 years, and stepped down from her position in 2020. She still works as an editor with the team, providing statistical support on selected reviews. Helen was awarded the position of Emeritus Co-ordinating Editor by Cochrane in December 2020, in recognition of her outstanding service to systematic reviews and to the Cochrane community.

Wikipedia Consultant: Nour Geres

Nour Geres is Cochrane Oral Health's Wikipedia consultant. Working with student teams around the world, Nour leads on a project to update the dental articles on Wikipedia with evidence-based content.


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