Co-ordinating Editors: Professor Anne-Marie Glenny and Professor Jan Clarkson

Anne-Marie Glenny is Professor of Health Sciences Research at The University of Manchester in the UK, Associate Dean for Research & Innovation for the School of Medical Sciences, and former Head of Division of Dentistry. Anne-Marie took on the role of Joint Co-ordinating Editor of Cochrane Oral Health in 2020, and has expertise in intervention reviews, reviews of non-randomised studies, and synthesising evidence for guideline developers. She is passionate about undertaking and promoting rigorous research that improves people's health and wellbeing and reduces disparities.


Jan Clarkson is Professor of Clinical Effectiveness at the University of Dundee, UK, Professor of Dental Research at The University of Manchester, Associate Postgraduate Dental Dean NHS Education for Scotland, and Director of the Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme and the Scottish Dental Practice-Based Research Network. A founding member of Cochrane Oral Health, Jan has been Joint Co-ordinating Editor since 2009. She is a prolific researcher and has led several NIHR-funded national trials in the fields of guidance implementation and clinical practice.


Deputy Co-ordinating Editor: Dr. Philip Riley

Philip Riley is a Lecturer in Health Services Research at The University of Manchester, UK, and took on the role of Deputy Co-ordinating Editor in 2020. Philip's research interests include the ongoing enhancement of the evidence base for preventing oral mucositis caused by cancer treatment. He has methodological expertise in the assessment of risk of bias in the effectiveness of interventions.


Senior Statistician: Professor Tanya Walsh

Tanya Walsh is Professor of Healthcare Evaluation at The University of Manchester, UK and former Editor/Statistical Editor with Cochrane Oral Health, Cochrane Wounds, and Cochrane Diagnostic Test Accuracy. Her research focuses on the evaluation of interventions to prevent caries and optimise oral health in children, with expertise in non-randomised studies of interventions, randomised controlled trials, and evidence synthesis projects. Tanya has a special interest in the appropriate use of complex methods for evidence synthesis and is a member of the Cochrane Trainers Network.  


Senior Reviewers: Sharon Lewis, Dr Lucy O'Malley

Sharon is widely experienced within Cochrane, having authored many high-profile reviews for several Cochrane review groups. She is a former Cochrane Network Support Fellow and was Deputy Co-ordinating Editor for the Cochrane Bone, Joint and Muscle Trauma group before joining the Oral Health team in May 2023. Sharon is strong methodologist focusing on the production of high-priority oral health reviews for this group.

Lucy is Senior Lecturer in Health Services Research at The University of Manchester. Much of Lucy's research has been concerned with the prevention and management of childhood dental caries, but she has also published research on oral cancer screening, prevention of craniofacial injuries, defining and measuring quality in primary dental services, and workforce planning and role-substitution in primary care and clinical leadership among dental practitioners in an international context.


Emeritus Co-ordinating Editor: Professor Helen Worthington

Helen was awarded the position of Emeritus Co-ordinating Editor by Cochrane in December 2020, in recognition of her outstanding service to systematic reviews and to the Cochrane community. She continues to work with the team, providing valuable methodological and content input to several reviews.

A note of thanks

We would like to thank the many contributors to Cochrane Oral Health, including previous editors, clinical advisors and consumers.