About us

Cochrane Oral Health, as part of Cochrane, publishes summaries of the best quality research available to help people make informed decisions about oral healthcare choices. These summaries are known as systematic reviews. Our research is nternationally recognised as high-quality, trusted information.

Cochrane Oral Health's activities are co-ordinated and supported by a team of experienced researchers at the Division of Dentistry at The University of Manchester in Manchester, UK. In 2023, we began a new partnership with Penn Dental Medicine’s Center for Integrative Global Oral Health (CIGOH) at the University of Pennysylvania, USA, to form the Cochrane Oral Health Collaborating Center at Penn Dental Medicine, helping to expand the use of evidence-based knowledge to inform practice and oral health policy worldwide.

Our work is carried out by over 1600 members and over 900 review authors from more than 40 different countries. Members contribute to Cochrane Oral Health in many different ways: preparing systematic reviews, peer-reviewing, translating articles and offering consumer input. Our stakeholders include clinicians, researchers, policymakers, guideline developers, people with oral conditions and their carers, and members of the public.