New review proposals

Cochrane Oral Health's editorial board considers new titles for registration twice a year, in October and April. Registration is not a guarantee of publication, as quality and timeliness of submissions are a prerequisite.

Due to limited resources and capacity, Cochrane Oral Health can only register a limited number of reviews. 

Cochrane Oral Health's next editorial board meeting is currently scheduled to take place in late October 2017.  We will be accepting proposals for our October meeting from July 2017.

Authors can submit a proposal to register a new review title of their own choice (provided there is no overlap with any existing title), or alternatively  for one of the following vacant  titles:

  • [No vacant titles currently being offered]
Teams submitting proposals for any of the vacant titles (immediately above) should be aware that Cochrane Oral Health's editorial base expects receipt of the complete protocol within six months of the title's registration, and the review within 12 months of publication of the protocol.

Please be aware that Cochrane Oral Health only registers new review proposals considered to be priority or novel topics. We are currently only registering new reviews based on interventions (prevention and/or treatment), rather than diagnostic test accuracy or prognosis. 

We welcome international and multidisciplinary author teams with a clear understanding of Cochrane’s expectations of authors.

In the ‘rationale for review’ section of the review proposal form, author teams should describe the potential importance to health, and impact of the review topic within the healthcare system, specifically addressing these points:

  • the number of patients affected by the clinical condition and/or intervention being reviewed;
  • the degree of uncertainty that exists in the absence of a systematic review, and the ‘cost’ to policy and practice of operating in the face of such uncertainty;
  • the likelihood of a review assisting or changing policy or practice;
  • the identified need for a review by policy makers or healthcare commissioners; 
  • the likely importance and priority that would be given to the topic by consumers (e.g. patients and their carers) and their involvement in the review; and
  • an estimate of the number and size of the studies that are likely to be considered for inclusion in the review. 

All review proposals should be sent to by Thursday 21 September 2017.

Responses regarding new title proposal submissions will be issued by mid-November 2017.