Priority setting - our stakeholder panel

Cochrane Oral Health undertook a priority setting process, and in 2020 we convened a panel of consumers, clinicians, researchers, guideline developers and policy-makers to rank the final priorities. Find more details on our priority setting process here.

We would like to thank the following panel members for their time and expertise:

  • Hebatullah Abdulazeem
  • S.M. Balaji
  • Klaus Barretto dos Santos Lopes Batista
  • Philip Benson
  • Pamela Catalán Rubio
  • Sunu Alice Cherian
  • Riana Clarke
  • Mojtaba Dorri
  • Conor Duignan
  • Patrick Fee
  • Debra Ferraiolo
  • Ridyumna Garain
  • Heather Hastings
  • Hiroyuki Hirano
  • Fang Hua
  • Gabriel Kwok
  • Enrico Lai
  • Thomas Lamont
  • Jina Lee Linton
  • Leonardo Mancini
  • Noorliza Mastura Ismail
  • Dirk Mettes
  • Mauricio Montero-Aguilar
  • Sumanth Kumbargere Nagraj
  • Nikolaos Pandis
  • Tina Poklepovic
  • Graciela Rasines
  • Derek Richards
  • Timothy L. Ricks
  • Hande Şar Sancakli
  • Andrew Schenkel
  • Douglas Stirling
  • Benoit Varenne
  • Catherine Waldron
  • James Zenk

We would also like to thank the American Dental Association, who nominated an anonymous representative to take part, and the four panel members who wished to remain anonymous.