Recently published on the Cochrane Library - Issues 5 & 6, 2019

Cochrane LibraryCochrane Oral Health has recently published:

New review

Oral hygiene intervention for people with intellectual disabilities
Waldron C, Nunn J, Mac Giolla Phadraig C, Comiskey C, Guerin S, van Harten MT, Donnelly-Swift E, Clarke MJ

Updated review

Antibiotic use for irreversible pulpitis 
Agnihotry A, Thompson W, Fedorowicz Z, van Zuuren EJ, Sprakel J, 

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The 2017 Impact Factor for the CDSR (overall for all Cochrane groups) is 6.754 (1,764 publications cited 11,914 times), consequently, the CDSR now ranks 12th of the 154 journals in the Medicine, General & Internal category.

Cochrane Oral Health's unofficial individualised impact factor for 2017 is 5.340 (47 publications cited 251 times), and ranks our research very slightly beneath the  2nd placed journal (Journal of Dental Research) in the listed 90 journals under the Dentistry, Oral Surgery and Medicine category. This means that research published by our editorial base in 2015 and 2016 was cited, on average, 5.340 times in 2017.