Recently published on the Cochrane Library - Issue 10

Cochrane Library

In October 2017 (Issue 10), Cochrane Oral Health published:

New reviews
Fluoride supplementation (with tablets, drops, lozenges or chewing gum) in pregnant women for preventing dental caries in the primary teeth of their children
Takahashi R, Ota E, Hoshi K, Naito T, Toyoshima Y, Yuasa H, Mori R, Nango E
Interventions for managing medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw
Beth-Tasdogan NH, Mayer B, Hussein H, Zolk O

Updated reviews
Orthodontic treatment for deep bite and retroclined upper front teeth in children
Millett DT, Cunningham SJ, O'Brien KD, Benson PE, de Oliveira CM
Resorbable versus titanium plates for orthognathic surgery
Agnihotry A, Fedorowicz Z, Nasser M, Gill KS

New protocol
Interventions for promoting the eruption of palatally displaced permanent canine teeth, without the need for surgical exposure, in children aged 9 to 14 years
Parkin N, Bazargani F, Benson PE, Atwal A

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