Cochrane Oral Health's 2016-17 Global Alliance report

Cochrane Oral Health is delighted to share its latest Global Alliance report, which details our activities and successes during the previous 18-month period (2016-17).

We encourage you to click the links contained in our hyperlinked report for further information, and to share the report with your colleagues and students.

Cochrane Oral Health's Global Alliance increases methodological capacity at the editorial base and works strategically with international experts to deliver timely priority reviews. Our partnerships with numerous dental organisations ensure that our research is developed to fit the needs of our stakeholders.

We express our gratitude to all current and former Global Alliance partners for their support of the production of quality synthesised evidence for oral health.

If your organisation, or an individual person, would like to become a Global Alliance partner and support Cochrane Oral Health's research activities, please contact us for further information.