Cochrane Malaysia recognises Professor Noorliza Mastura Ismail for outstanding contribution to the Malay translation project

Cochrane volunteers translate our reviews from English in to other languages to help us make oral health care evidence more widely accessible.

Since Cochrane Malaysia's translation project launched in 2015, their volunteer translators and editors have published 1,766 Malay translations of Plain Language Summaries (PLSs), at an average production rate of 50 translations per month (during 2018). 

These translated PLSs were viewed 6,632 times during 2018, and indicate a five-fold increase in PLSs viewed (three years after the translation project launch) compared to those viewed during their first year.

In recognition of the generous contribution of Cochrane translators and editors, Cochrane Malaysia issues annual certificates of recognition to their high-performing volunteer translators and editors

Notably, Professor Dr Noorliza Mastura Ismail, Professor of Dentistry at Melaka Manipal Medical College is among 15 Malay translators/editors recognised by this year's honours. Furthermore, she is one of only five editors who has received certification of recognition for three consecutive years.

Receiving Cochrane Malaysia's Gold award for completing/editing more than 50 translations during 2018, Noorliza has now edited 224 Malay translations of Cochrane PLSs. She commented, "It is a indeed worthwhile effort to do Bahasa Malaysia Cochrane Translation as it helps to disseminate scientific knowledge to a larger non English speaking community who needs the information."

Cochrane Oral Health warmly congratulates Noorliza on her award, and we extend thanks to all volunteer translators and editors of PLSs and podcasts of Cochrane Oral Health's published reviews for their contributions in widening access to oral health care evidence.

More information on translated Cochrane Oral Health PLSs is available here, and translated Cochrane Oral Health podcasts can be found here.