New review registered on the Cochrane Library: Sealants for preventing dental caries in primary teeth

Cochrane Oral Health is pleased to announce the registration of a new review title on the Cochrane Library: Sealants for preventing dental caries in primary teeth. The protocol for this review will be produced over the next year, with the review planned for publication in 2019.

The international review team will be led by Priyadarshini Ramamurthy. Avita Rath, Preena Sidhu, Bennete Fernandes, Sowmya Nettem, Khariyah Abd Muttalib, Carlos Zaror, Patrick Fee and Tanya Walsh join her on this review, bringing together clinical and methodological expertise from: SEGi University, Malaysia; Melaka-Manipal Medical College, Malaysia; Universidad de la Frontera, Chile; University of Dundee, UK; and The University of Manchester, UK.

The review will complement our existing review of Pit and fissure sealants for preventing dental decay in permanent teeth, which has been updated and will be published later this month.